Weight Loss

Includes muscle testing of Allergies, Intolerances, Sensitivities and Clearing Mental and Emotional Causes of Weight Gain

Do you eat a fairly healthy diet and exercise regularly yet can’t lose weight?
Do you tend to turn to food for emotional support or in times of stress?
Do you finish a bag of chips or cookies and not realise you had eaten the whole bag?
Do you crave sweets after meals?
Have you tried every weight loss program under the sun and saw little change?
Are you on the lookout for non surgical weight loss options?

Natural weight loss methods are about finding out what is preventing you from losing weight and addressing it. Achieving weight loss isn’t necessarily about calorie intake and exercise. Reaching and maintaining your ideal weight is about tailoring an efficient and personalized approach that takes into account many aspects that are overlooked when just focusing on diet.

Many of us wish losing weight was easy. It can be such a struggle for so many people whether it’s for health reasons or to fit into their favorite pair of jeans. We fully support eating a healthy, balanced diet and doing some sort of activity regularly, though often that doesn’t seem like enough. It can be extremely frustrating when you have friends who eat the same as you and they lose weight, yet your scale tells a different story. And even more frustrating is to lose a bit only to gain it all back.

Our experience has taught us that there are other factors to losing weight that many people aren’t aware of.
You could be sensitive or allergic to something you’re eating which could slow down your metabolism as well as cause fluid retention.

  • When you open a packet of your favourite cookies, do you find it extremely hard to stop after just one or two? Sugar sensitivity for example could contribute to sugar cravings.
  • Are you feeling sluggish, puffy and bloated? You might be intolerant to salicylates. To find out more about salicylates, Click Here.

Have you ever explored your emotional connection to weight loss?
  • Why is it hard for me to lose weight?
  • How is my weight protecting me?
  • Why can’t I accept myself at this weight?
  • Why do I turn to food for comfort?
  • What am I hiding from?
  • How is holding on to weight benefiting me?
  • How can anyone love me or be attracted to me at this weight?

Rarely do we know the deep rooted answers to these questions on a conscious level. You might be thinking ‘there isn’t anything holding me back from losing the weight’ yet if you still have excess weight, then something is out of alignment and we are determined to help discover what it is.

BodyConnect Healing Sessions uncover the blockages and sabotages that may be preventing you from losing weight. Many of our clients with sugar sensitivity say they’re just not interested in sweets anymore after the treatment and chocolates can now stay in the pantry untouched for quite some time.

Other Clients were surprised when they discovered what mental and emotional patterns, thoughts and judgements were blocking them from losing the weight and happy to finally address the cause of it.

As we shed the layers and clear the imbalances, weight loss often occur without any changes to your current diet.

Are you ready to say goodbye to what is weighing you down? Are you willing to explore what is keeping you at a weight you’re not comfortable in?

Weight loss sessions are done in the comfort of your own home wherever you are in the world.

BodyConnect Healing Sessions can also be helpful in helping you gain weight. Some of us struggle to put weight on and it can be due to a few factors. We can muscle test to see what could energetically be preventing you from optimally absorbing nutrients and find out what is contributing to your inability to gain weight.


Here is what one of our clients said after she experienced the benefits of BodyConnect Healing:

  • Beck, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
    Distant healing done energetically is sometimes a hard concept for people to grasp. But given I have very little spare time to be going to and from appointments (full time mum with a part time job) I was willing to try anything as I was sick of living in a way where I knew that at the age of 34 I should feel better, look better and quite simply ..have more energy in my tank. I was stoked with the distant healing option because I could do it from home, in my own time, and save loads on travel time.

    After the initial consult with Tomaya, I realised that the little things I’d come to know and accept as my ‘normal’ were in fact NOT normal and I didn’t have to live with them. The sorts of things that I had noted at the start as what I would love to change in my life included: irregular heartbeat, red spots on certain areas of my skin, bloating, random deep itch under the skin, exhaustion, feelings of overwhelm and depression. A very interesting one for me was a malabsorption issue I was having with iron where I was told it was because of my red blood cells etc. You can change this!  

    This kind of work is not just about clearing an allergy on the surface; it’s about unlocking it just under the allergy to where you may have blocked emotions that in fact play a part in the bigger picture.

    Yes, I can now do and eat all the things I couldn’t do before without it making me very uncomfortable or sick – but even more importantly, working with Tomaya I was able to clear the underlying issues and have now transformed my life at a completely different level … not just reacting to caffeine or wheat products or pollen.

    I’ve lost weight, cleared up skin, feel more alive and alert than I ever remember feeling…. It has reset my baseline. As a result of the clearings I now don’t have the cravings for the foods that I was eating before.

    It’s not about going to a clinic, being told what is wrong and given a pill to swallow, a solution to drink or a cream to apply…. It’s actually an educational and awareness process of what works for YOU. It’s completely personal and nurturing and IMMEDIATE. It calls forward a better YOU.

    From a business perspective – I found Tomaya very considerate, informative, thorough and reliable. She has the sense of connection that so many businesses don’t have these days. A mutual trust was formed from the very beginning. Tomaya understands that this kind of work is simply not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ and she tailor-makes a package to suit YOU, your needs and your timeframes.

    In deep gratitude for everything you have shared with me Tomaya, and I hope that you continue to help our people live very happy and peaceful lives in optimal health.

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