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We often wish there was one pill we could take that would eliminate all of our problems, fears and stress. One that would allow us to sleep well every night and wake up with lots of energy and a smile on our face every morning. How great would it be if such a pill existed and there was an easy fix to any symptom or worry.

Well, until such a pill is created, our options are to either take something that may mask the symptoms and offer some relief or find out the emotional, mental, and energetic root causes that may be aggravating the issues we wish to address.

  • Do you get acid reflux or indigestion?
  • Why you get unexplained aches and pains all over your body?
  • Why you can’t sleep at night?
  • Why you get itchy skin, or why you sneeze every morning?
  • Why you are bloated or have diarrhea and / or constipation no matter what you eat?
  • Why you can’t seem to get rid of your migraines?

We might not be aware of it, but there is always a connection between our emotions and our physical state as well as our thought patterns and our reality. Through identifying the connections between your physical, emotional and mental states, we are able to energetically transform what is blocking you from healing on a cellular level.

Physical ill health as well as emotional distress and mental struggle all stem from an energetic imbalance. BodyConnect Healing allows us to tune into the imbalances and energetically clear them from where they are stored in the body.

Could physical pain be due to a suppressed trauma at a younger age, a fear that was never processed, a disconnect between your heart, body and mind, an attachment to something or even a sabotage? We tap into your energetic body, uncover and clear the imbalances, which then allows your body to do the healing. This treatment is profound and can have a ripple affect on many levels. We have been astonished with the positive feedback we continually receive.
Our clients often see a big shift in the first couple of sessions and in some cases they are completely symptom free.
A woman in Italy got her hearing back after two sessions and another in Israel reported her vision drastically improved. This therapy can create a positive change in anyone’s life.


Here is what some of our clients have said after they experienced the benefits of BodyConnect Healing:

  • Ange Eyal, Florence, Italy
    Tomaya, you’re an amazing healer! I’ve noticed a great improvement with my hearing after the first treatment (an issue the doctors said is irreversible without surgery) and a few treatments later I was astonished to notice that I could hear in both ears equally (I had a loss of hearing in one). I can now use the phone on either ear and hear well! Thank you for your kindness and care that made me feel so close to you even though we were thousands of kilometres apart.
    Ange Eyal, Florence, Italy
  • Jason N. Perth, Australia
    After trying some chiro and osteo work for my persistent and debilitating back pain with no relief, I have decided to try this treatment. Tomaya said she would do distant healing on me instead of treating me at the clinic as she was away at the time. I try to be open minded about these things, so I decided to give it a go and let's face it, I was desperate. The first night after the treatment I slept through and woke up to my alarm. This hasn't happened in weeks. I woke up with no pain after waking up at 4am every night in pain. Thank you Tomaya!
    Jason N. Perth, Australia
  • W.B. Tel Aviv, Israel
    My dream was to swim in the ocean every day, but I had an uncontrollable fear of the surf and deep water, so I was having anxiety just at the thought of it. I joined a group that went swimming in the ocean thinking that would give me the support I need to get over my phobia, yet I’d meet with them and watch them all go in while I stayed on the shore as I was too terrified to join in. Lesley did one treatment on me and I was able to keep the stress levels down, enter the ocean and swim 2 kms out. I’ve since been swimming regularly and sometimes go swimming in the ocean on my own!! Who would have thought?!? I really don’t think I could have done it without you. Thank you so much!
    W.B. Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Yael Picker, Givatayim, Israel
    I got to Tomaya when I was extremely distressed. About a month before finding her, I have given my 2 year old son a supplement he developed a strong allergic reaction to. I haven’t given him the supplement again, but the symptoms didn’t go away. He got an itchy rash and redness all over his body every time his body got overheated which is when he was breastfeeding, going to the toilets, exposed to the sun or when it was hot outside (basically every time he wasn’t asleep). The itch would get so bad that he would scratch himself and scream. It broke my heart to see him like that and knowing that it’s from a supplement I gave him just made me feel more helpless and guilty. Tomaya explained to me how her treatment works and even though I didn’t quite understand what it meant, I trusted her and gave her the green light to start treating my son. There was a massive change after the first treatment and all symptoms disappeared after the second treatment. I can’t tell you what a relief it was for me and my son! Other than the amazing and quick results, I really appreciated Tomaya’s honesty and integrity. I wholeheartedly felt I could trust her even though the treatment was done from far and we’ve never met.
    Yael Picker, Givatayim, Israel

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