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Love gifts us with a great opportunity to heal parts of ourselves that have remained hidden up until now. This could be exploring self love while in a relationship or revealing and clearing the triggers that come up when facing a conflict with a loved one, family member or even in the workplace. Clarity, better communication and understanding our own needs are some of the important factors in healing relationships in our lives. Getting over a long term relationship is hard and healing the heart takes time. Understanding the dynamic of the relationship and allowing for reflection in a safe space combined with clearing old patterns makes the moving on process less painful and much shorter.


Maybe you want to be in a loving relationship yet keep attracting the ones who are emotionally unavailable, can’t be trusted or remind you so much of one your parents (not in a good way). If this has been your experience and you’re ready for a change, then we can have a look at what is stored in your unconscious mind and why these patterns keep repeating themselves in your life.

  • What are you holding on to?
  • How is this situation serving you?
  • What are you not letting go of?
  • What fears keep you going in circles?
  • How are you sabotaging your own happiness?
  • What beliefs do you have in regards to your worth and relationships in general?


Maybe you’ve fallen in love with a like-minded soul and things were going so well initially. You really thought that this is your significant other and the two of you were very compatible.
A few weeks, months or years in, you realise you don’t particularly like the person you’ve become when you’re around them, or you get so angry with them and are not sure why. It seems like they press your buttons all the time! Maybe you’re thinking - if only they would change or do things differently then everything would be so much better.
Would you like to get more insight as to why some patterns keep appearing in every relationship you’re in?

  • What parts of your inner child are still wounded?
  • Who are you in this relationship?
  • What unhealed aspects of yourself are you projecting onto your partner?
  • Would you like to explore why you’re a pleaser or need some help with asserting boundaries?


BodyConnect Healing can help you energetically clear the blockages and fears that are preventing you from having the relationships you desire. When you find your center and know what it feels like to act from that space, it becomes easier to open up to the possibility of repairing relationships in your life.


Sometimes breakups are inevitable. You feel that your needs aren’t being met. You’re not happy. There’s a dynamic in your relationship that is just unhealthy yet you can’t seem to walk away.

You’re feeling so attached to the life you’ve created together, all the memories you shared and you got used to thinking in ‘we’. You also know that things aren’t going to change no matter how hard you try and you would both be better off if you parted ways.

BodyConnect Healing can help you energetically release the attachment and fears that are preventing you from moving on. It can help you find clarity and strength you couldn’t find on your own and it can also help you understand your patterns and behaviours so you won’t repeat them in the future.


Here is what some of our clients have said after they experienced the benefits of BodyConnect Healing:

  • Nika R. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
    I have been having migraine headaches for a while and I tried everything under the sun to try and shift them. Lesley did a treatment on me and a few interesting things came up. Patterns in my relationships with men, the fact that I always put others first, try to please and not being in touch with my own emotions. She cleared a lot of things that were blocking me and things from the past that still affect my behavior today.
    My headaches have been so much better since her treatments. They have also helped me evolve as a person and work through some issues. I’m more balanced today than I’ve been in years. Thank you!
    Nika R. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
  • T.P. Miami, Florida, USA
    I find that I've been going in circles. I look for love, find it, it doesn't work out, I'm sad over the thought of what could have been, I think I'll never find love again and then I find myself on the lookout for new love.
    I've never actually stopped and enjoyed feeling completely happy with being single. This revelation astounds me as I love my freedom and I often think I'm happier single, when I can do whatever I want when I want to and I don't need to compromise or make allowances for someone else.
    I do feel there's something missing in my life and deep down I yearn to be loved by another.
    Lesley did a few online sessions with me and the information she came up with was so accurate.
    I feel much more centered after her sessions and I know my worth and what I can offer in a relationship. I have a sense of calmness I didn’t have before and I stopped frantically looking for a relationship. I know it will come when the time is right, and I’m very happy with how things are right now. I truly believe I couldn’t be where I am today without Lesley’s help and guidance. I recommend her to anyone having relationship or self worth issues.
    T.P. Miami, Florida, USA
  • Tessa S. Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
    My partner and I broke up a couple of months ago and I found it extremely hard to move on. The sadness and sense of loss haven't eased as the weeks went by and it was causing me a lot of grief. Lesley gave me a treatment that focused on something entirely different but the relationship came up and the things she shared with me astonished me with their accuracy. I felt such clarity a few hours after that I called him and got a closure that was so necessary yet I was dreading for months. I feel the best I've felt in a long time. You're an amazing healer.
    Tessa S. Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

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