• Shani Royal, Rural QLD, Australia
    I WAS! I am a mad horse-lover who struggled with eczema for years. Spending time with my horses would end up with me scratching until I bled!  I had one session with Tomaya, and it is the best thing I ever did!   Because of Tomaya I am living my dream of being a full-time station hand! I can now spend all day in the saddle and around horses and not scratch!! Thank you for changing my life!
    Shani Royal, Rural QLD, Australia
  • Penny H. Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
    My hayfever symptoms are 80% better after just one treatment. I thought the main issue was pollen, but it turns out it was the dog I was allergic to.  
    Penny H. Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
  • Melissa D., Elanora, QLD, Australia
    Wheezing and sneezing have literally diminished after one treatment. I’m telling everybody about you.  
    Melissa D., Elanora, QLD, Australia
  • Kyah Lotersztain, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
    My 5 year old daughter has had a number of food intolerances and food sensitivities, particularly to gluten and dairy. Every time she ate those food types she would react with "severe asthma", sometimes resulting in hospitalisation. After spending the last 4 years and consulting a number of natural therapists (and medical specialists) far and wide, I was recommended Tomaya. And after a course of treatments, my daughter can now have gluten and dairy with no reaction at all. This is huge!! She can now go to parties and eat what all the other kids are eating, has much more energy, sleeps through the night, passes regular bowel motions..the list goes on. Thank you Tomaya for helping my daughter lead a 'normal' and food carefree life!
    Kyah Lotersztain, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
  • Ella Alon, Tel Aviv, Israel
    Hi, I just wanted to give you an update on my son.  He has been falling asleep easily and he's sleeping through the night every night from the day you've treated him. He hasn't done that in 5 years. He is so much calmer, his fine motor skills have improved significantly, he initiates trying new foods and flavours and he communicates and explains himself without losing his temper and crying. Thank you so so much. I finally feel we can enjoy him for who he is.  
    Ella Alon, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Deb, Cornubia, QLD, Australia
    I am sitting by my computer eating strawberries as I write this, amazed that life is actually beginning to get back to a degree of normal. After 18 months of debilitating skin rashes, headaches, irritability, lack of energy and feeling sick in general, I had no idea where to turn. A low Salicylate diet was helping, but frequent unexplained outbreaks continued. Two dermatologists had each given me a different diagnosis and a range of sticky steroid creams and tablets. This was treating the symptoms but not the cause. Allergy testing was inconclusive, and the allergy centre declared it to be an intolerance, not an allergy, so they did not want to know me. In desperation, I contacted Tomaya. At this point, anything was worth a try. After the first session, I could see definite signs of improvement. In just three sessions, my skin is clearing up, I am slowly reintroducing fruit and other foods back into my diet and I am feeling better than ever. Tomaya has been great, the treatment is painless, drug free, and best of all, it is working. Thankyou Tomaya!
    Deb, Cornubia, QLD, Australia
  • Cathy R. Burleigh Heads, QLD, Australia
    I have been suffering from seasonal hay fever for years. After I got treated for different pollens, I don’t sneeze anymore, I don’t get itchy eyes or that foggy feeling in my head. I’m telling everybody who is willing to listen about you!  
    Cathy R. Burleigh Heads, QLD, Australia
  • Aaron C., Banora Point, NSW, Australia
    My wife made the appointment to come and see you and I have to admit I was resistant, but I’m glad I came. I was sneezing all day every day and after you treated my dust and dust mite allergy, I rarely sneeze now and my sinuses are clear. That’s amazing.  
    Aaron C., Banora Point, NSW, Australia

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