Foods High in Salicylates

Salicylates can cause such a variety of symptoms.
The most common ones being:

  • Respiratory symptoms such as asthma and sinus congestion
  • Skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and welts.
  • Digestive complaints such as bloating, constipation and diarrhea.

Salicylates can also cause brain fog, tinnitus, watery and itchy eyes and headaches.

I had a client a few months ago that came to see me with recurrent urinary tract infections. She was trying to understand why she was getting them so frequently for the past few years and why taking supplements and antibiotics didn’t clear them entirely.

I tested her and got that she was sensitive to salicylates, yeast and sugar and also that there was an emotional component to why the infection kept coming back.

She confirmed that she gets an infection every time she has alcohol (even half a glass of wine is enough to set it off). Wine is high in salicylates as well as yeast and sugar, so again that all made sense to me.  She also said that at times of stress (work and relationship related), her infections would flare up.

After 3 treatments in which I treated her sensitivity to salicylates, sugar and yeast and cleared the emotional blockages related to the infections, she was feeling much better.

I treated her 6 months ago and yesterday she sent me an email with a testimonial as she would like others to know that even a urinary tract infection can be related to salicylate allergies.

In the past 6 months her symptoms have been 90% better at at times 100% better.